Ode to Emily Henderson

Monday, November 21, 2011

So lately I have developed a little design crush on Emily Henderson. I don't know what the girl version of bromance is but that is what I feel for Emily. I want to be her BFF. I want to go to flea markets with her and pick out little ceramic animals and tufted chairs together.

She's adorable no? And I love a good belted dress.

If you are not familiar with the awesomeness that is her blog - she was also the winner of HGTV's Design Star and has an amazing TV show called "secrets of a stylist".

Here is what I like about her.

* she is a cute dresser - which helps my theory that there is a direct relationship between people's fashion and people's home decor. If you take risks in fashion - you will take risks in decorating.

* she is a good writer. Sometimes I read blogs for the pictures..and sometimes I read, well to read. And her blog I read for both. Love her witty style.

* she likes vintage and weird things.

* her design tends to be more cluttery than sparse. I love me some cluttery goodness.

* she likes floral (wallpaper, fabric, whatevsies)

* we have the same tufted wingback chair.

* she likes color. Sometimes I feel like my style is lame and kid like because I like color. But Emily (yes, we are on a first name basis) likes color so I feel totally validated.

Ok, enough of that. Here are some of my fave Emily inspirations. All pictures are from her blog.

A teal tufted couch....yes, please.

You may have pinned this already. I cannot imagine living in such a cozy grey and yellow nook.

Christmas carols on a map? I don't think home decor gets much better.

That is her desk chair. I love it. I have a similar one. I wonder if hers came with as much cat hair as mine did?

This is her living room. Shut the front door. It's awesome.

The rug. The brass lamp. The awesome gallery wall on golden wallpaper. I love it all.

I never met a pop of pink I didn't like.

Her winning room on Design Star. The blue and green is so so so lovely. And I will take two of those wood stools please.

Another map I love. On a navy blue wall? Too much awesome.

That isn't a ceramic peacock is it?! And those yellow shelves are kind of ridiculous.

I heart this rug. And the pops of pink. And the kooky dog painting.

Kinda trendy - but cute. And I love the print.

I need her to take me to the awesome teal couch store and then to the yellow velvet chair store.

See? Risks.

And thus concludes my blog of all things Emily Henderson. Thanks for stopping by:)

Two years:)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This past weekend Josh and I celebrated two years of marriage... and I crossed an important milestone of being with Josh for longer than I liked Josh:)

Some of you know our story. How I cold have sworn God was writing a pretty lame and long book about friendship and then BAM out of nowhere the next chapter turned into a love story and made all the previous chapters make complete sense.

I'll never forget going for a long drive and asking God if I should talk to Josh about....US. What were we? I was confused. I was 25 and I didn't need a guy BFF. Stopped at a red light, I look over and there was JOSH. At the same red light. Totally random. He rolled down his window and asked if I wanted to talk because I looked upset. Seriously?!

So thankful for the story God writes. Even though some chapters seem long and uneventful and you're like "Um God...did you have to add that part in - the one where I gave Josh a hug when he was just lifting his arm to block the sun? Or the part where I give him a high five the first time he tried to hold my hand? Did you have to make me so completely awkward?!"

But then you're reminded to relax. Not every detail is perfect. But God is ...and he is doing the writing.




Life lately...

Monday, November 7, 2011

So, I have been a little MIA as of late. It's just a busy season so that's all I got:) This weekend I was able to do a second Vintage Market with Junkrestore. This market was literally just across the street and felt very much like the one I did in September - but about 30 degrees cooler.

I shared a booth with my friend Jessie from ThirtyOne24 and we had a grand old time talking to other vendors and drooling over the merchandise.

I did come home with an awesome yellow velvet couch for my sister in law Jen of Kreatid Photography and Design. Jen you can totally store this in my home if you have to;) I also impulsively bought a rusty, heavy antique washing machine. So, needless to say Josh did a lot of furniture moving this weekend.

Exhibit A: Yellow couch - Isn't that amazing?

/>Exhibit B: rusty washing machine - Oh gosh. Did I really need that?! No. not even a little bit. But I kinda love it.

Can I just tell you the story of that yellow bookcase? We happened upon it in the ALLEY while we were bike riding and I was shopping for treasures because it was bulk trash week. Don't judge.

And I saw it. It was black and gross but the legs. Oy vey if you put little adorable legs on anything I will pretty much buy it. So josh boldy picked it up and walked down the block with it and across the street till it was safely in our garage. It still needs another coat of spray paint and those stapled on ghetto maps aren't doing it any favors ...but I was in a hurry to use it in my booth for the Vintage Market.

Alright I will leave you with a little plug for this event! A few fellow bloggers and crafters are doing this and it is sure to be an awesome time! If you like paper straws, headbands, vintage clothing, barnwood signs with adorable sayings and pretty much if you like cool things - you will want to be here!! No seriously, it will be great!