Meet Lindsey

Hi there!
I am Lindsey - aka...Linny Jane. Growing up my mom always called me Linny and my middle name is Jane - thus Linny Jane;)
I am an Arizona native living it up in the thriving metropolis of Gilbert. We bought our first home in August of 2009 - it was built in the 80s and yes, we do have lovely wheat designs on some of our light fixtures. So awesome.
By day I am an admin at my church - Redemption Church. I work in the student ministries department;) I love Jesus. I love ministry.
By night I am a crafter/thrifter/house rearranger, oh and most importantly a wife to a very studly man.
We don't have any kiddos (yet!) so we pretty much hang out with each other drinking diet coke and watching Modern Family...usually I am sprawled on the floor with my hot glue gun.
Well, that's about it from me. Thanks so much for stopping by!