Thursday, March 13, 2014

This week I've really tried to start working on my health. I sporadically do this throughout the year, lose a few pounds, run a few miles and then life gets crazy and I fall of the wagon for a bit.

I follow a lot of fitness instagram accounts - I am nerdy like that but there are thousands of mamas trying to lose weight out there and get in shape! So inspiring. My two favorite accounts are Livylovestorun and mollyrunsforlife. For awhile now I've wanted to do a 5k - so I've been doing to couch to 5k training program.

Well a few ladies are trying to run 100 miles this month. WOW. That just isn't me yet but on March 10 I decided maybe I could shoot for 50 miles...and I am 17 miles in! Now I will say I am SLOW. Like it basically takes me an hour to run 3.2 miles which is a 5k....but hey, we all start somewhere.

It's spring break this week so Josh and I aren't at church on Wednesday and Thursday nights so I felt like I have had more time to be active. I am realizing that it's really hard to balance fitness goals, time with jesus, ministry, family, meals, work, a clean house and a small business. In this season I just can't do EVERYTHING well, hence this blog is not full of perfectly photoshopped images of my home....but it is documenting the real life daily struggles and thoughts so I am learning to be ok with that. It's ok if no one wants to pin your stuff::)

Redeeming my blog

Friday, March 7, 2014

Well it's been awhile:) I am sitting here as Lila naps and have had some posts going thru my head for a few weeks/months now. About blogging. About social media. About community. And shoot, about how much I love home decor and writing and the whole little community of creative people on the internet.

Let me start with why I've been hesitant to blog and why I second guess my instagrams and facebook statuses and I can't even log in to twitter. Comparison.

This is not a new thing. I've been a part of a lot of conversations with friends about how this is a fairly universal struggle.  I don't want to make people struggle. I don't want them to think my marriage is perfect, my budget is endless and my life is adorable. It's not. My husband and I fight, I have been known to wash out my ziploc bags to save money and 98 percent of the time - my house is a mess. Blogging and instagram tend to put a perfectly photo shopped picture or pretty filter on the monotony of life.

HOWEVER. I still think MANY people are gifted in certain areas and social media is an amazing outlet to grow their gifts. In our church there is a saying that some of the pastors use - "You can REJECT something, you can RECEIVE something or you can REDEEM something"

 Now with social media - I know many have chosen to reject it. They have deleted facebook -taken Pinterest off their phones, etc. I get it. I get the struggle and I think it's totally fine. For some people.

I also know people (including myself at times) who have received it as well. They post tons of "selfies", care way too much about how many likes they get and rather than live in a moment they see it thru the eyes of instagram and it seems like they live it - only so that other can see them doing so. It can seem kind of braggy. This tends to drive me crazy.

And then there are those that redeem it. They encourage people, they use their gifts the Lord has given them and use social media to help grow those gifts.

I think I've done all three of these things. I know sometimes I reject it, am totally guilty of receiving it and sometimes I hope that my presence on social media has a redemptive quality to it.

Anyways, I'd like to start writing more. Its complicated and messy this social media thing. You don't want to brag about anything but you also don't want your "realness" to come in the form of sinful complaining. I am sure I'll swing to both sides of the pendulum. I am sure I already do! However, there are so many bloggers out there who seem to do it "right" and I am really encouraged by them.

So heres my first attempt at more consistently writing:) Not sure where this blog will take me or who will read it - but just trying to get some things written down!