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Monday, November 7, 2011

So, I have been a little MIA as of late. It's just a busy season so that's all I got:) This weekend I was able to do a second Vintage Market with Junkrestore. This market was literally just across the street and felt very much like the one I did in September - but about 30 degrees cooler.

I shared a booth with my friend Jessie from ThirtyOne24 and we had a grand old time talking to other vendors and drooling over the merchandise.

I did come home with an awesome yellow velvet couch for my sister in law Jen of Kreatid Photography and Design. Jen you can totally store this in my home if you have to;) I also impulsively bought a rusty, heavy antique washing machine. So, needless to say Josh did a lot of furniture moving this weekend.

Exhibit A: Yellow couch - Isn't that amazing?

/>Exhibit B: rusty washing machine - Oh gosh. Did I really need that?! No. not even a little bit. But I kinda love it.

Can I just tell you the story of that yellow bookcase? We happened upon it in the ALLEY while we were bike riding and I was shopping for treasures because it was bulk trash week. Don't judge.

And I saw it. It was black and gross but the legs. Oy vey if you put little adorable legs on anything I will pretty much buy it. So josh boldy picked it up and walked down the block with it and across the street till it was safely in our garage. It still needs another coat of spray paint and those stapled on ghetto maps aren't doing it any favors ...but I was in a hurry to use it in my booth for the Vintage Market.

Alright I will leave you with a little plug for this event! A few fellow bloggers and crafters are doing this and it is sure to be an awesome time! If you like paper straws, headbands, vintage clothing, barnwood signs with adorable sayings and pretty much if you like cool things - you will want to be here!! No seriously, it will be great!


jen said...

THANK YOU for my couch...SUPER excited to use it! :) sad that I couldn't make this last weekends show but SUPER excited to hit up the holiday shoppe later this month! YAY linny jane! :)

McKelle said...

I love that couch! So funny, when I got home Saturday and checked my email there was a message from a photographer asking me if I had an old vintage couch or bench or just something fun to do family portraits on. I immediately thought of of your fantastic one you got for your sis......dang it! Oh well...I'll have to keep looking....that's half the fun right?!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with that sofa! So cool!

Stesha said...

great to have you back missy!

Classic & Bubbly

Jessie said...

You need to be on one of those home tour blogs. You are awesome!

elizabeth said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that couch...I want it. ;p SO sad that I can never be there when you do your shows. Would love to see all this amazingness up close!

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