Amazing Gracie's: Ode to a thrift store.

Monday, September 12, 2011

This weekend I hit up one of my fave thrift stores - no, not goodwill but Gracie's!

Gracie's Thrift is in Tempe and it owned by Grace Community Church and School - which is where I spent both my early elementary days and my awkward junior high years (which, lets face it stayed with me way beyond junior high).

Gracie's is also right next to an AWESOME fabric store called SAS where I scored some super cool Amy Butler fabric and other fun things. So, this little stretch of Tempe is like the ghetto, craftier version of the Miracle Mile and I love it.

Anyways, lots of people from Grace church and school donate to Gracie's so there is always an abundance of school related thrifttyness...aka HEAVEN. And there is never a shortage of old school Christian items either. And I am not just talking about the Micheal W. Smith concert T shirt from 1994. I am talking legit Christian-y vintage items like hymals and Bibles. And I DO love me an old hymnal. So beautiful.

Anyways, this trip to Gracie's did not disappoint. I found some old flashcards and on the box was the name "McFadden" which was the name of my third grade teacher!! Is it possible that these very flash cards helped me become the mathematical genius I am today? Maybe!

Anyways, I do love any school house inspired decor. Globes, lockers, yardsticks, chalkboards, maps, old desks, library card catalogs - love it all. And I think flash cards would be s uper cute framed in a baby's room or maybe sewed onto some bunting and put in a home school room or even used for a baby shower.

Flash card possibilities are endless!! Who knew?

So, if you see any flash cards at a garage sale or Goodwill - snatch them up and get creative!

And until then, enjoy these lovely flash card inspiration pictures.

Apartment Therapy
Design Sponge

Design Mom

Apartment Therapy


jen said...

love it! never knew about Gracie's...gonna have to hit it up! :)

PIXbyemily said...

i love simple. i love memories. i love giving new life to what once was. but most of all, i love the hunt. looks like i need to make a date with Gracie's. thanks for sharing.

Audrey said...

Love gracies cottage it still called that? Lol I havent been there for years. Growing up I was always there volunteering

ms t said...

Love your new blog! You're such a talented gal!! Glad I had a part in that cute new name!

Jason and Sadie said...

I've been saving some really cute flashcards that my great aunt used in her school house. But I have no idea what to do with them! Thanks for the ideas

Junk in the Trunk Trio said...

I'm loving your flashcard inspirtation. So cute!

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