Vintage Market: Recap

Saturday, September 17, 2011

So yesterday was the Vintage Market which was my first big adventure as my alter ego, Linny Jane.

What. A. Day.

Actually what a crazy two weeks. I kind of spontaneously decided to do the Vintage Market. I didn't have much to lose and there's no time like the present to try your hand at something you have been thinking about for a long time.

So I got to crafting and piled up all my vintage wares and printed out tags and put together a display and loaded up my ghetto fab little honda filled to the brim with goodness.

When I arrived at the event - it was awesome! I seriously love seeing how creative people are and it's always fun meeting people who love weird, junky stuff as much as you do.

Plus so many friends and family stopped by my booth - what an encouragement!

My mom and dad even came and took pictures of me in front of my booth like it was the first day of school. Except I am 28.

Some of the items I thought would sell, didn't sell - which I felt was God's sovereign way of saying "See, I told you that would look great in your living room."

Anyways, here is a bit of a recap in photos. Much love to the Junk in the Trunk Trio for putting everything together and also being so dang sweet. They didn't even yell at me when my easy up took up half the yard.

Here is my booth - which was so fun to put together. I seriously wish I could put up store displays for a living. Well cool store displays. Not like dog food or anything. Although I guess store display people have to start somewhere.

Rosette necklaces.

Old luggage anyone?

Mr. Peacock even came and helped out. What a trooper.

I met Liz from the Blue Eyed Owl and absolutely LOVED her stuff. She has such a fun style and she even had some school related items. A girl after my own heart!

And yes she had roll out MAPS. I am thinking one of these would be soo fun in my kitchen. Suddenly regretting not buying one.

And I adored her vintage sheet display. Love the muted colors. Seriously dreamy. And they're sheets...get it? Dreamy? I am a nerd.

Next I met Bonnie from Bonnie Inc. She had a whole anthropologie look going on with her items - way cool.

Check out this thing. Is it a hidden bar? A buffet? I don't even know but I like it.

This chair. OMG. Pretty sure it would have come home with me if I could fit it. Once again, my small car has saved me from a major impulse buy.

Then we had the Orange Blossom Shop. These signs were just so cute. And the girls who ran it had the most adorable orange aprons which made me like them even more. I love a good apron!

Um, can I have this?

This dresser. I die. This is from the talented lady at In de stress mode.

I don't think my stenciling talents will ever be this good.

And here is the lovely Ashley and her friend Stesha. Ashley is from the Shine Project and sells the funnest vintage clothing you ever did see!

So, those were just a few pics of the day:) The next event will be in if you like things like this....

Or this....

You should definitely check it out!


Stesha said...

so great to meet you this weekend love!!!

sarah said...

my favorite line: Some of the items I thought would sell, didn't sell - which I felt was God's sovereign way of saying "See, I told you that would look great in your living room."

i love you, linds!!

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