Monday, September 26, 2011

So, I got a POOF. I know I totally am jumping on the poof bandwagon but I am very excited about my poof and all its poofyness. Need a place to sit? Pull up a poof. Need to reach a tall shelf? The poof is there to help. Plus poof is just fun to say...and apparently type.

Anyways, this was a Home Goods score - because Josh got me a giftcard there for my birthday. I didn't know any other time I would be able to justify such a poofy splurge. So I went for it. I am crazy like that.

In other way less trendy news, I got a horse head. Now this WAS a Goodwill find. It was brown originally and just weird. And I like weird things. I just spray painted him yellow and put him in my living room. I have dreams of putting him in the bed to scare Josh when he wakes up and having a very Godfather moment...someday. I am sure horse heads aren't for everyone but I thought it was very Jonathan Adler - and his horse head was like $295 and mine was $6. Booyah!

Don't you just want to feed him an apple?

So that's all for now:) Just a few fun finds that we have added lately:)


Anonymous said...

I love your poof! Are you doing the November market?

lindsey said...

I love the poof too. I think I might need one of those!

janet said...

So...this Poof...you can stand on it? So it must be much sturdier than a bean bag...I LOVE yours...really cute fabric. I just might have to make a Home Goods stop later this week....:)

The Rigolosos said...

Hi Linny Jane!
What a lovely blog! I am so glad you found me so I could find you. :)

Thank you for such encouraging words today. Truly, your message was supportive and kind and really meant so much. Zumba has been on my list for a while now. I think I will try it soon and give you a report!

That horses head is so very Jonathan Adler. If you find another one... put my name on it. :)

molly R

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