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Sunday, October 2, 2011

So today I went to the mall with my good friend Erika. It has honestly been so long since I have been shopping anywhere other than Target or Goodwill - so it was super fun and I felt very classy;)

We went to Bath and Body works and I got Josh a present....a mint chocolate candle. What boy doesn't love a candle? Well, it's his favorite ice cream so I think he did appreciate it. I seriously might taste this candle when I am home alone because it smells so delicious.

Anyways - I about died when I saw their new line of candle holders! So stinkin cute! And the silver ones were only 5 bucks. That's not all that much more than Goodwill peeps.

I didn't get any because I was already over my candle budget...but next month - I might need to stock up.

Anyways...just thought I would pass along the cuteness because I seriously didn't know that Bath and Body had anything more than cucumber melon hand sanitzer.

(the title of this post is dedicated to my sister and anyone else who may or may not get the obscure Point of Grace Christmas album reference. This song is one of our faves:))

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Anonymous said...

Those are cute! Great holiday gifts ;)

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