Weekend love

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We had a great weekend. The weather is finally cooling off which makes everything a little more bearable:) We had a little last minute date night Friday to see The Help and then on Saturday, I got to do a little shopping and see some old friends from college. I even managed to get a few crafty projects done! Here are a few weekend highlights....

Sneak peak of a great mirror I found for the next Vintage Market. Is it bad I want to keep it? Sigh. I had to put this mirror in the garage because it was making me stumble big time. Yep, mirror lust. It's a problem.

Have I mentioned I have awesome in laws? Yes, I do. Josh's sister Jen saw these shutters and got them for me. I am thinking of painting them bluish teal and making a little message center in the kitchen. They are nice and tall which I love. I hate small things on big walls....reminds me of the mini backpack trend of 1996. Just not a good look for those of us who had some chubbier years.... SCALE people. It's important.

I finally broke out my sewing machine to put to use some fun fabric I have! Of course I had to watch the instructional DVD to my sewing machine as I worked because I am so not a seamstress. I just made some little pillowcases. There is no zipper involved so don't be impressed. Just a little slit in the back and I stuff the pillow in. Gosh I love pillows.

Here is another thing I sewed....or rather hemmed. Just a straight stitch to make a table runner. And the stitch is so not even straight but I am learning to embrace the imperfect:) In this case, a crooked table runner is cuter than no table runner. Yes that is a mason jar of rulers. Weird or cute...can't decide.

And I just could not resist buying this vintage sheet at Goodwill for $2. I am thinking of making my own vintage sheet garland - like Liz. Did you see her tutorial here? Awesome stuff. Anyways, I am not really sure where I will put said garland....but I just love the idea and this sheet was whispering my name.

Here's a sweet $2 frame from Goodwill and a printable I found on Pinterest. Have you ever typed in "printable" into pinterest? There are some serious gems! I love this print. I am not really allowed to be buying frames because Josh says I never put anything in them, but look...Mission accomplished!

So that's my weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great finds! Thanks for the love ;)

Kelly said...

the pillows are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that yellow runner!
And I laughed out loud at your mini backpack mention. I had like ten of those! haha... Scale... I wish I would have known you back then! I'm sure I looked quite foolish at 5'9'' sporting a mini backpack. lol

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