Feeling blue

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So, I've been kinda loving bluish green rooms lately -paired with pops of yellow and green I think it would be perfect for a little girl's room. Or a big girl's room if her husband would let her....Josh, are you reading this? Anyways - here are some pictures of some of my favorite bluish green rooms:)

I don't know my favorite part of this room. The bunting? The classic white Jenny Lind cribs? the mirror? The fact that two adorable adopted babies live in this room and their sweet story? Sigh. Love it all.

Can't get enough teal and coral these days.

Good ol' Pinterest

I don't know if I cold commit to such a large space of blue/green but it looks great here.

I love me some geography in the kitchen!!

I can not even tell you how much time it would take me to decide how to hang all of these things. But it looks so effortless!

Look at those embroidery hoops. And the yellow chair. Gosh. Too cute.

Love that this is a guest room and a nursery:)

Um, can I live here? I will sleep in the crib. Please.

And probably one of my top fave room pictures EVER. The rug, the chandelier, the ceiling to floor curtains...it is just all too amazing!


sarah said...

so i've tried my HARDEST to convince brent that we need a chandelier in our bedroom more than we need a ceiling fan....but alas. maybe you could put in a good word for me, linds??

Linny Jane Vintage said...

oh gosh I have tried that battle myself and failed!! The only solution I have seen is one woman made a "fandelier" fan and chandelier....looks pretty cute but it might be noisy! I don't think I will ever get my $39 ikea chandelier in the bedroom:(

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