Flea Market Finds

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So this past weekend, an antique mall near us was having a big flea market. Awesome. It began at 7 and I got there at 7:06 and the place was PACKED! I am so glad I got there early because I got some great stuff!

I brought my camera to document the awesomeness and while I was about to take a picture of a lovely green potting bench and the lady selling it came and yelled at me for taking pictures! It was so scary. I have never been yelled at by a stranger but I guess she really did not want me taking pictures of her potting bench - YIKES! Mean people are so...so mean! I really don't get them - especially when they are trying to sell stuff?! Ok, aside from mean potting bench lady I had a good time.

Here are some of the vintage treasures I found.

Loved this bench made out of crates - how fun.

Of course at every flea market you find some things that are totally not vintage and borderline inappropriate...

How cool is this old post office mailbox?

And of course I love pyrex bowls! And this ombre version of greenish blues was calling me.

I wish I only had cool pyrex bowls to cook with.

Loved this crate.

And then I found a pair of hot pink vintage suitcases. I am not sure how I will ever let these go, but I suppose I will have to. I used one to dsiplay my headbands at a boutique I did later that day:) So fun!


Bonnie Inc. said...

I would keep the suitcase! It looks fantastic as a display for your headbands!

Thanks again for stopping by The Bonnie Burrow this morning!....stalker ;p

sarah said...

the handcuffs: hahahahaha

jen said...

seriously hilarious handcuffs...I'd love to see the person keep a straight face who was selling them...and HOLY COW I want the mail boxes! :)

*junkrestore* said...

I was there and I SAW THOSE HANDCUFFS!!

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